Tech Data Renew, Tech Data's device trade in program

Increase your sales through increasing refresh cycles.

Device trade-in has long provided benefits to resellers, retailers and mobile operators. It provides a way to maintain a close relationship with customers, while offering more product refresh opportunities.

As they endeavour to maximise their IT budgets, both private and public sector organisations are increasingly looking to realise the value of their old hardware devices. This makes sense, as the average price of a used handset increased from nearly £30 in 2007 to almost £140 in 2013, with some models retaining 70 percent of their value nine months after launch.

Tech Data Renew is a new tool from global distributor Tech Data that takes the complexity out of device trade-in, delivering a great customer experience while enabling you and your customers to uncover more profit. Tech Data Renew enables the entire device trade-in process, from real-time quoting for a single device – or multiple devices – to order tracking, secure shipping and guaranteed data erasure.

To start trading in your customer’s devices today please follow these simple steps...

  1. Download, complete and sign Trade in set up form - click here
  2. Download and sign the terms and conditions - click here
  3. Return both to
  4. Start using the tool!