Tech Data Renew, Tech Data's device trade in program

Tech Data Renew is Tech Data’s bespoke device trade in programme; it takes the complexity out of trading in devices, delivering a better customer experience while enabling resellers, retailers, dealers and operators to uncover more profit. The average price of a used mobile increased from £30 in 2007 to £85 in 2018, some models retaining 70 percent of their value nine months after launch.

Tech Data Renew handles the entire process, from real-time quoting for a single or multiple devices – to order tracking, secure shipping and guaranteed data erasure. You can search and obtain a quotation for multiple devices simultaneously that can be then offered to your customers. Quotations are managed using an easy to use admin system. All processing is handled by Tech Data and Corporate Mobile Recycling Ltd (CMR).


  • Maximise your IT budget
  • Helps maintain relationships with customers
  • Offer customers more product refresh opportunities
  • Certified Data Erasure and Environmental Accreditation so you can trade-in with complete confidence
  • Products included in the programme are multi vendor tablets, phones and Apple laptops

Once signed up, you can use the quotation tool to generate a quote, valid for 30 days; once this quote is accepted by your customer, it’s active and collection of the devices is arranged. The devices will then be inspected and validated by our team, the final quote value will be confirmed and shared with your customer. To proceed, you accept the quote and invoice CMR for the value of the devices.

Register for the device trade-in platform here

  • a. Accept the terms and conditions
  • b. Start your trade-in


Consent: We are Tech Data Limited and by providing your details you are consenting to us passing those details to our affiliated company, Corporate Mobile Recycling Limited (CMR) to be processed. All your data will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy and CMR’s Privacy Policy. Should you wish to withdraw your consent you can do so at any time by emailing